Finding $5,000

When you're a small and growing business, every dollar counts. And if you can find an extra 5,000 of those dollars, just think about the difference it would make: an extra $5k a month means $60k more for your business this year. That can be transformational. And if you can scale that up to an additional $5,000 a week? Then hang on, folks, the ride is just beginning.

Of course, anyone can stand up and tell business owners that more money is better. But how can you actually sell and hustle to earn this? You don’t need to look any further than your existing customer base.

Step one: Reach out to those who already love you and ask them why
The quickest place to earn $5,000 more dollars in any given time period is with your current customer base. What can you upsell them? A new service? A high volume discount? These folks already know and trust you. Why not find out what they love (your friendly service or ease of use, perhaps) and keep offering it in new and fresh ways.

Step two: Give those same people new ideas that are within your wheelhouse
But don't stop there. Many of your current clients may only see you in a certain light, rather than seeing your company’s full potential. Therefore, work hard to showcase all you can do. If you sell embroidered shirts for staff, let them know you can also get them a quote on branded mugs for the company breakroom. If you're selling breakfast to that same customer each Friday, be sure to let her know she can come for a killer lunch during the week, too. 

Step three: Ask for an easy referral
Don't hesitate to ask your best customers who else they know that you could be a resource for. Don't be a pest about it. Just remind them of why they love you (they should have told you in Step 1) and ask if they could make a friend's or colleague's day by you calling on them to share the awesome products or services you provide.

Step four: Close the deal
When they say yes (because most people enjoy being helpful and kind), then be sure to delight the new prospect. Detail how you've helped your current client (their BFF) and that you can offer the same great service at the same great price. 

Step five: Repeat
Once that new client is in the door, repeat this entire process.

And boom! Like that, cold calling became way less cold, and you are able to increase your gross revenues by simply working your existing network and leveraging your existing products, services, and staff. Creating new revenue doesn't always mean you have to create a whole new business plan.