Cohort 1 CEO Roundtable Groups

RT Group 1

  • ·        Kelly, k2forma
  • ·        Sondra, Hip-Hues
  • ·        Sam, Batch
  • ·        Latda, Diamond Disinfecting
  • ·        Adam, Lets Booth It
  • ·        Angela, Nashville Nails
  • ·        Jenny, Splashbox


RT Group 2

  • ·        Dawn, Finnley’s Good Findings
  • ·        Randy, Stitchmark
  • ·        Tonya, The Post East
  • ·        Chris, The Post East
  • ·        Kim, The Dailey Method
  • ·        JoeJoe, Herbert Landscaping


RT Group 3:

  • ·        Steve, Harpeth Marketing
  • ·        Mariko, Huckleberry Branding
  • ·        Alba, AJ Media
  • ·        Keith, Third Coast
  • ·        Rachel, Schaffer Law
  • ·        Shawntaz, Urban Communications

RT Group 4:

  • ·        Lee, Third Coast
  • ·        Corey, Diamond Disinfecting
  • ·        Becky, Huckleberry Branding
  • ·        Tracy, Hip-Hues
  • ·        Rob, Batch
  • ·        Jennifer, AJ Media


Refinery Nashville: You will have a Drop-In Membership, for the months that classes are taking place.  For this you will receive:

  • 10 hr/week access
  • 9-6pm
  • Limited print/copy (ie, don’t be excessive)
  • Are welcome to have meetings etc.
  • Internet password: Refinery263

Meet with Trevor Burbank ( when you first arrive, and he will get you set up! 

Entrepreneur Center:  You will have a Grow membership for the months that classes are taking place. For this you will receive:

  •  Access to co-work space
  •  Access to events
  • Access to investor network

You will receive an email granting you access to the membership portal. Through this portal, you can sign up for a mentor as well.



Through the EC:

You can sign up through your EC Portal access, or here: Be sure to select ScaleUp as your program (or add it to the beginning of the notes in your request).

The EC likes to have few, spread out, intensive mentoring sessions. So you might want to meet with three different mentors each 1x/mo. Make your request as specific as possible for what you hope to accomplish from the meeting.

Through SCORE:

Go to  click on "about" and then go to Find a Mentor. In the notes, be sure to mention that you are with Scale Up.

Score mentors are available for free beyond the end of the program. You can request different frequencies and different types of mentors. Ie. You might want one mentor in your field or in management that you check in with weekly, while you may want to have a financial mentor that you check in with monthly. 

If you have any trouble with or concerns about mentors please let me know! If you do not find someone that meets your needs, we are also always on the hunt for mentors outside of these two programs, and are happy to set up an additional mentor relationship.